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Len Niehoff is a law professor, practicing constitutional and appellate litigator, lifelong student of theology, lay minister, author, and poet. He's also a martial arts instructor, motorcyclist, lover of the Michigan outdoors, film buff, weightlifter, and amateur chef and carpenter. This site contains his blogs on law, religion, and poetry and provides links to his legal scholarship, legal practice articles, and editorials on law, politics, and society. It also highlights his latest writing across these diverse fields.


Len’s writing on legal issues. Here you’ll find his law blog, links to his Scholarly Publications, his Legal Practice Publications, and his Editorials on law and politics

Len’s blog on faith, life, and the life of faith. Here you’ll find his sermons, religious essays, meditations, prayers, and other writings on theology, and philosophy.

Len’s blog on poetry and the arts. Here you’ll find his poems and occasional short essays on the arts, including literature, film, visual art, and music.

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