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In Memoriam Jim Harrison

Of rough materialitySuch stuff as we are made,Pulled up from stubborn ash,Rendered fully into flesh,Flesh unto flesh,Solid, steady, burning,Tearing through

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White Crane in Green Tree

Old, old breedErect, alert,uncompromising.Refusing any pretextat disguising.While all else fadesto green and brown,blends into dirty forest,she is clean, alone.The full

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From another room my mother said“I don’t know what gets into him.”My father’s short responsive shrugHad become so common that

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I’m sure you have them, too,Those clips of memoryThat seem so random,That begin in the middleAnd stop without resolution,Without concluding

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Color Tour

The buses full of tourists jammed the lot. They’d come to see the trees and be beguiled. A woman pulled

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